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Recent initiatives of Dhaka Ahsania mission following this project:

Ahsania Mission Children City:

Children are the future of a nation. But in Bangladesh the street children live in distressed situation and devoid of proper care, education and training. They do not have any plan to leave. Even they do not have any plan to attend the cell of nature. With these fact in mind, Dhaka Ahsania Mission has undertaken a project for establishment of a “Children City” aiming to rehabilitate 10,000 children, through education, skills training and other facilities for comprehensive development of the children. The children will be divided into 10 children villages each one having responsible for taking care of 1000 children. For establishment of children city 100 acres of land has already been purchased in the district of Panchagarh. We welcome peoples contribution in establishing Children Village through sponsoring any student dormitory, School Building etc. in the name of their parents, relatives, and near & dear ones.

Helping people is our religious & humanitarian duty. We hope that people from all strata of population will come forward with the same spirit to support the distressed children through our different development projects.

Let your contribution be a means of bringing change in the life style of these poor street children and also be the avenue for getting reward from “Almighty Allah”.

We cordially invite you kindly to join Ahsania Mission Support Forum. We hope your involvement will strengthen the forum and make it dynamic. Your participation, advice and regular financial contribution will help DAM to make a happy and prosperous Bangladesh by addressing the real needs of the distressed people.

We also hope that you will appreciate our proposal and promote this scheme within the circle of your friends and relatives.